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In the mid- 1980’s, the Club Captain was a New Zealander, Chris Allen. When he was leaving the UK to return to NZ, he presented a Bell to the Club for the Top Try Scorer of the season and it has been referred to as “The Kiwi Bell” ever since.


The bell itself has had a checkered history, the original being kidnapped by another Kiwi returnee (Owen Nisbett) and a replacement duly purchased and engraved. This was then lost after a particularly heavy Dinner & Dance and another commissioned whereupon the original re-appeared; (this event miraculously coinciding with the arrival of Mr Nisbett back in these shores !).

We now have a couple of bells, the original is in Doc Crosby’s strongroom and only allowed out on High Days and Club Anniversaries, the other one is presented annually to the Top Try-Scorer who must drink something awful out of it then return it to the Club for safe-keeping (!).

List of recent winners

2018/19 – Adam Smith
2017/18 – James Hardy
2016/17 – Lawrence Alfred
2015/16 – Mark Liebling & Ben Parker
2014/15 – Miguel Martinez
2013/14 – Corey Nash
2012/13 – James Allen
2011/12 – Alex Jackman
2010/11 – Jordan Massey
2009/10 – Rocky Ryland
2008/09 – Enda McEvoy
2007/08 – Mike Dawe
2006/07 – Mal Deay
2005/06 – Johnny Harrison
2004/05 – Alex Bone

Kiwi Bell – Current standing

5 Edward Flynn Centre
3 Conor McGrath Prop
3 Max Self Hooker
3 Ollie Lee Wing
5 Angus Bell Full Back
3 Asher Brindley Centre
2 Ashley Avis Scrum Half
2 George Randall Hooker
2 Charlie Bloomfield Second row
3 Ben Hill Flanker
2 Jason Harris Wing
3 Sam Harry Flanker
2 Cian Morgan-Smith Hooker
2 Zakk Scorer Wing
2 Kaleb Fry Flanker
3 Dan Hughes Prop
2 Ben Whinney Stand-off
2 Sam Duberley Wing
1 Tom Flathers Full Back
1 Henry Tagg Scrum Half
3 Jamie Irvine Full Back
1 Driss Birger Djerf Prop
1 Patrick Leahy Hooker
1 Julian Lalor Scrum Half
1 Massimiliano Macro Wing
1 George Neale Centre
1 Chris Mieczkoeski Second row
1 Tom Kynge Number 8
1 Jean-Come Sol Full Back
1 Guy van den Dries Second row
1 Jack Newman Centre
1 Joe Doyle Centre
1 Iain Taylor Full Back
1 Alex Samson Flanker
2 Harris Medwell Full Back
1 Dan Bruce Prop
2 Mark Liebling Wing
1 Andrew Manna Stand-off
1 Nico Christofi Stand-off
1 Luke Davies Hooker
1 Richie Lewis Centre
1 Sam Bennent Flanker
1 Liam Hughes Wing
1 Thomas Lewis Second row
1 Will Stride Full Back
1 Rory Labron Scrum Half
1 Daniel Harrington Wing
1 Timmy Robinson Second row
1 Izzak Miller Wing
1 Aidan Phillips-Cragg Full Back
1 Cam Cullen Wing
3 Tom Snell Stand-off
1 Sam Turton Flanker
1 Lorenzo Doyle Second row
1 Fred Wilsher Number 8
1 Francesco Sereni Flanker
1 Gregor Hunt Stand-off
1 Liam Moore Hooker
3 Callum Johnson Wing
1 Archie Morris Stand-off
1 Henry Petch Number 8
2 Alex Flanagan Centre
1 Will Wilson Full Back
1 Johnnie Jackson Centre
1 Sam Thomas Second row
1 Henry Morley Wing


The most central rugby club in London with male and female players of all levels.