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Please let us know whether you are available to play this weekend
Please provide a phone number where we can reach you on Friday evening or Saturday morning. You will also be added to relevant WhatsApp groups where necessary
Selection begins post training each Wednesday, finalised by Thursday evening. Squads, times & locations are announced over email on Friday morning c 11am. 90% of our matches are around 2-3pm on Saturdays.
If you have not arranged your monthly direct debit subscription (or an approved alternative) then 1) you are uninsured and 2) liable to be overlooked for selection. There is a 3 game grace period for new joiners but after that membership is a must.
Please indicate all possible positions
If yes - please indicate how many people you can give a lift to.
This is where you tell us of any doubts you might have re injuries, work, visiting family, etc. Put N/A as a default if you have no concerns or restrictions
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If you have played at least 2 games, please make sure you've sorted your subs.
Coram's Fields
93 Guilford St
London WC1N 1DN
Regents Park
Inner Circle
London NW1 4RU


The most central rugby club in London with male and female players of all levels.