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All about our membership
All players must become club members
For any new joiners (during pre or full season) there is a 2 game grace period for you to decide if we are the club for you*
We never want money or affordability to be a barrier to you playing with us, please contact our Membership Secretary to discuss (see below)
Vice President’s Membership is By Invitation Only
The club is covered under the RFU’s blanket insurance policy. Therefore as a club affiliated to the RFU all our members are automatically covered.

If you have not started the direct debits on your membership, you aren’t insured. Therefore anyone who has paid their club membership is covered immediately, along with new joiners in their grace period
Becoming a member in good standing (i.e. one who has paid) allows you to tour overseas as well as apply for England tickets at Twickenham through the club’s ballot.

Most importantly, membership also grants you cover with our insurance
Your membership covers:
- pitch & changing room hire, medical cover & their supplies,
- the mid-week training venues, our coaching professionals
- other larger running costs**

Important things about your membership:

  • All membership payments must be via monthly direct debit as explained here: https://bprfc.co.uk/join-the-club/pay-the-club/
  • Members who previously cancelled their direct debits must re-enrol using the above link.
  • New players must have set up their DD before having played their 3rd game for BPRFC.
  • Returning players membership is due immediately if previously cancelled.
  • Occasional players & non members must contact us in the week before a game so we can arrange the relevant insurance.
  • We will take into consideration individual circumstance – finances should not prohibit the enjoyment of joining Belsize! Please contact our Membership Secretary to discuss.
  • The club can not take responsibility for any injuries that occur if you are not a member in good standing and therefore fully insured.

*: After 2 matches your membership becomes due. This grace period only applies in the same season as your first game – e.g. you can’t play 2 games in March at the end of season 1, return a few months later in season 2 and still be within your grace period. 

**: such as equipment, subsidising any bus travel, etc; as well as smaller payments such as: laundry, food after any home games, referee’s travel expenses, etc.


The club’s long-term ambition is to sustainably reach the highest playing levels whilst imbuing all the best aspects of purely amateur rugby.
The club’s long-term ambition is to sustainably reach the highest playing levels whilst imbuing all the best aspects of purely amateur rugby
Always Win the Party (Convivium semper vicendum est) - regardless of the result on the pitch
We play exciting enjoyable rugby
One-club, Many teams – we rise together
Joy for life – Fun comes first
We welcome everyone - you come for the rugby but stay for the friendships
We’re all different but we are one family
Best-in-class Touring - unrivalled fun sharing the game with new friends in far-flung places


The most central rugby club in London with male and female players of all levels.