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31st August 20230


Our Club Captains are there for you. They are the link between you, the playing community and the management. Or as one Co-Club Captain puts it, they are ‘The undercover driving force disguised as functional alcoholic players who bleed heliotrope’ 

The other suggest their role includes ‘Handing out pints, Drinking pints, Shoulder to cry on, Cry on people’s shoulders’. 

In reality, in addition to the above, they act as a rep for players, making new players welcome; making sure your voices are heard; supporting with pastoral issues; representing the club externally and bringing all teams together #oneclubmanyteams 

The Club Captains this year are: 

Co-Club Captains: Camille Brayer & Ollie Lee

Vice Club Captains:  Megan Jones & Chris Jenkins

Belsize is the biggest community of like minded people I’ve ever seen in London. Coming from all corners of the earth, all members have the same goal: play rugby. It’s like your family away from home. I joined the club as the women’s team was being formed, the year before COVID and saying that it helped me through the pandemic is an understatement.” CB.

Camille Brayer joined George Randall as Co-Club Captain in the early months of the women’s teams’ development. 

Ollie Lee joined the club in 2019 as well. He says “To be Co-Club Captain of a club like Belsize Park is a real honour. The history this club has and the number of members makes it truly a unique club. Whether it’s your first time playing rugby or you’ve played your whole life, this club is a home for everyone. Over the years I’ve been here, it really feels like part of a big family. I can’t wait to represent all the members past and present. I am just honoured to be able to be a part of it. The club is really all about the people in it and will continue to be a force long after my time. It’s become home to so many and it’s just an incredible club to be associated with and part of.

During the early part of the 22/23 season, we introduced co-vice Club Captains. Again, with the club was growing so rapidly, there was a need for extra support. 

Ollie Lee & Megan Jones were the first to take up this position and Meg, who was brand new to rugby explains the importance of the club to her:

This club has completely changed my life. From joining almost two years ago having never played (or watched) a game of rugby before, I have made friends and memories that will be with me forever. Belsize is like one giant family, on and off the pitch – we support each other through highs and lows, wins and losses, and most importantly we ALWAYS win the party.”

Chris Jenkins, the latest member of the Club Captains group joining Megan on the vice team this year, says “Becoming a squad captain at Belsize last year was a big challenge for me as a player, made easy by the support I got from the leadership, the other captains and the players around me. I’m looking forward to the new role this year and I know the clubs got my back, just like I’ve got theirs.”

Family is the key word here. As well as knowing that you can go to this group for anything, remember that at Belsize we are your chosen family. We train, we talk, we run, we scrum together and like true family, together we always win the party. 

Belsize Invicta  

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