In MemoriamShirley… 10 years later and we love him just as much

16th March 20180


This weekend sees us all raise a toast to a club legend and also one of the earliest adopters of what the ‘Belsize Spirit’ actually means.

When you join a Rugby club you always hear stories about the old boys, a few tours and some legendary tales but one of the names that has stood out for a lot of us was Shirley.

Name: Marc Friedman
Pseudonym: Shirley
Tour name: Dr Fu Man Ju
Tour status: 10 years
Position: Loved, remembered, sideways

Shirley used to plan extremely well organised Rugby tours, sometimes on the back of a cigarette packet but they always worked. Quite ironic how Moisty’s 9month planning of Mozambique now seems very inefficient similar to his drinking capacity.

10 years ago this weekend we sadly lost Shirley while on the China tour and this weekend sees us all celebrating his life with some stories and learning a few more stories!

He is still in the ear of the Rugby gods and somehow has arranged for a potential Ireland GRAND SLAM weekend, at Twickenham and during Paddies day! How the hell did he manage to plan all of this 10 years ago!

Today we are remembering, a friend, a legend, a legacy and a brother.

Everyone at Belsize Park Rugby Club would love for you raise a toast tonight, wherever you maybe in the world to Shirley and absent friends!

He has proved with his legacy that Belsize Park is not just a Rugby club it is a family and we will keep growing and making amazing moments in time but more importantly remembering those that started the journey for a lot of us!

Here is to you Shirley.

Belsize Invicta

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